The Lighthouse Cafe

The Lighthouse Cafe is a ministry of Light For Asia that opened January 19, 2015.  During Joseph and Sai’s six years in America, Sai developed a passion for baking.  From cheesecake to chicken biscuits, she can do it all!  With this love of cooking, God placed a vision in the heart of Sai for a ministry where she can use this gift to share Christ.  The Lighthouse Cafe is an American style restaurant that currently serves breakfast, lunch and desserts. The Lighthouse also opens it’s doors to outreach opportunities such as: English classes and Bible studies which are held on the second floor coffee lounge. Relationships are made with those in the community and the LIGHT of Jesus shines into the city from the Lighthouse.  It is a house of comfort and shelter; a place of rest for the weary and broken-hearted.